Blogs mini course

Attract more clients through
writing SEO strong blogs

You will learn:


“I have just been through the blog mini-course. As someone who is new to this, it is just amazing and you make it so easy to understand. I have made 4 pages of notes, and I feel so inspired.”

(Now a blogger!)

Ready to get writing?

This mini-course will show you how to research SEO keyphrases by yourself using:

  • A free tool which helps you understand what people are looking for online.
  • A very cheap, but fantastic tool which allows you to understand monthly search volume, and competition of different key phrases.

You will understand how to structure your blog posts, and the best techniques of writing.
Additionally, you will see how YOAST – a SEO plugin – can help you improve your writing within the website with live feedback.

Choose a blog template, and have your branding applied to the page…so all you have to do is write your blog and add images. It will automatically apply the pre-set design to your blog.

Have a blog page added to your website which will automatically showcase your blogs as you write them.

Learn how to create blogs within the website yourself. You will be able to manage the content yourself in a sustainable way that will save you paying for assistance. 

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Mini course

If you already have an existing blog page and blog template set up on your website, and you are happy with its design.  Now you’re ready to be an editor and understand SEO.

Mini course & template

If you DO NOT have a blog page or template set up already within your website, and would like to have one added. Choose a template and have your branding applied.